We are told the next 10 years is the final window of opportunity to avert climate catastrophe due to global warming and carbon emissions. And yet each year’s CO2 is higher than the last. We will either sleep walk into disaster by continuing with business as usual, or else innovate like never before to stave off climate catastrophe.

In addition to taking action to drastically reduce carbon emissions, carbon can also be captured from the air, ideally at its emission source. Cities around the world that are blanketed by black carbon and dust can then breathe clean air. Air scrubbers could be integrated into the sides of buildings or an industrial site. The design of Sojol’s rotor lends itself to capturing and filtering exhausted air because it directs air above and below the rotor to the filtration areas between stacked VAWTs (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine). Plenty of filtration in these areas significantly reduces the frequency of maintenance.

In urban and industrial areas where there is little wind, Sojol’s VWAT can instead be a mechanically driven turbine powered by solar energy. (The rotor uses low power consumption and any wind will only increase its efficiency). Panels between stacked VAWTs could incorporate solar panels or used for advertising on the non-solar side. Ideally these towers of stacked VWATs would become a source of income and energy, as well as benefiting business and the urban environment by offsetting carbon emissions.


The Sojol rotor

The ‘Sojol Rotor’ is a unique, innovative design that supplies a higher air volume and pressure at low noise level and power consumption compared with any other mass produced rotor of similar size. The innovation of this new rotor opens up a world of possibilities in all sorts of implementations within wind powered energy, ventilation, aerospace and more.

With the urgent need for technological innovation in the energy sector worldwide, Sojol is currently focusing on enhancing the rotor’s performance for use in a VAWT.