Designed to harness the sun's energy for enriched air quality at the desired temperature.

Sojol Ltd is at the forefront of innovative ventilation solutions. We apply smart technologies to provide an all-seasons 24-hour ventilation solution that maximizes renewable energy savings. We believe investment into technical innovation is key to provide a long lasting business.

Solar air heating/cooling is likely to become a more common form of ventilation in the future as power costs increase and awareness grows of the health issues associated with inadequate fresh air ventilation. Houses are becoming better insulated which then require some form of controlled ventilation. Passive solar technology offers substantial savings in both temperate and hot climates making it an attractive solar partner alongside solar water heating and PVs.

The unique patented Sojol design significantly improves the rate of heat transfer to air. This technology is applied to all our heating and cooling products, not just solar.

Solarjoule IP Holdings Ltd enacts through Sojol Ltd to offer this patented range of energy efficient technologies based on agreement to be concluded with any interested clients. Solarjoule IP Holdings has many international and national patents, both primary and divisional, granted and pending to protect the technology

Sojol’s ventilator maximizes solar heat to air volume per m2 at minimum pressure drop. The lid can be propped up allowing full access

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References: Supporting documents on file.