Sojol ‘s mission is to provide quality air at a comfortable temperature throughout the seasons maximizing when possible a renewable energy source. Our vision is to improve health and well-being of our communities. Poor ventilation can silently lead to fatigue, respiratory illness and a decrease in physiologic efficiency.  Sojol’s system of ventilation provides an external lung for collective respiration through different times of the day and the seasons

As director of Sojol Ltd with a working background in property management for social housing, I personally set out to develop products that would make an impact to the health and well-being of our communities. I believe that by understanding and observing natural laws, we learn to allow nature to work in harmony with us rather than us against it. Wherever possible let’s allow nature to do some of the heavy lifting.

Several years of research and development funded mostly by myself as the director has led to the development of successful products.

Our goal is to become an international chain or franchise, or participate in one with a partnership. Sojol's innovative products that make up an innovative system are ready to flourish globally with the right partnership.