Sojol's wall ventilator is designed to allow solar ventilation to be applied to facades of buildings, such as apartments or office blocks. It provides heating and cooling to the interior of the building without any ducting system. It seamlessly integrates into a wall cavity and has been developed to accommodate variations in the width of any given cavity.

At only one meter wide it has little impact on natural lighting, yet significantly increases the solar heating and cooling potential from the solar facing surfaces.

From the exterior, it appears like a window with a water-proofing vent above and below the glass. From the interior it is barely noticeable except for a lower and upper interior vent. The exterior vents have excellent water-proofing properties while allowing for more than sufficient air flow requirements.

It is also designed for all parts to be easily accessible from the interior for periodic maintenance. Because the area between the absorbing panel and the glass is well sealed, this maintenance is expected to be only every four years. A washable pre-filter is accessible from the inside.

Winter and summer modes

Winter and summer modes

Warm solar heated air flows into the building in winter, stale air is removed from the building during the day in summer, and cool air flows back into the building during summer nights. It can also recycle air for those very cold sunny days. If the building has no source of supply air such as when windows and doors are closed, it can cool itself by drawing air from outside and exhausting back to the outside.

Its effectiveness partly depends on strategically located vents to allow cross ventilation through the building. An intelligent system switches between seasons based on temperatures inside and outside the building and pressure sensors to ensure a slightly positively pressurized building.