Sojol’s air heating unit continues to ventilate with fresh air when solar heat is reduced or not available, thus enabling a 24 hour all-seasons fresh air ventilation system.

possible Heat Exchange ducting arrangement

possible Heat Exchange ducting arrangement

In a ducted system, the air heating unit is compact, well insulated and uses the same efficient means of heat transfer to air flow as proven to be very effective in the solar ventilator.

It can stand alone without a solar ventilator and supply all the heated fresh air required for a building. Unfortunately in some cases, free energy from solar is not available due to solar space limitations on the roof  or shading. 

Or it can be positioned in the ducting so that it stores and also boosts the temperature of the air supplied by solar heating for cloudy periods or very low temperatures.

By means of further dampers,  an additional air heating unit can by-pass the roof-mounted solar ventilator to supply heated air at night. Our testing revealed that the solar ventilator becomes significantly colder than the outside air at night due to nocturnal radiation. While this can be useful in summer to cool the building at night, it is counter-productive in winter. We therefore recommend another air heating unit located in the system of ducting that by-passes the solar ventilator for night time use.

While some heated air would be directed to the living area, the bulk could be directed to the bedroom areas for night time heating with fresh air ventilation. Bedrooms are second to bathrooms in being primary locations of mould growth. People spend a good proportion of their time in bedrooms so ventilation in this area should not be neglected.

Some of the applications for this inline heater and ventilator include residential, commercial or rural (e.g. glass houses at night). Its size is scalable according to duct diameter.

Sojol also has a stand-alone wall-mounted version of air heater which includes a fresh air vent with filter positioned at the lower end of the heater. Fresh air is channeled upwards through heat transfer tubes by means of natural thermal siphoning.

Wall hung air heater and ventilator

Wall hung air heater and ventilator

One or more Sojol’s wall-hung efficient heaters can take care of all the heating during non-solar periods.

They also provide a means of trickle ventilation during summer to create a gentle cooling cross breeze throughout the building when combined with standard exhaust means such as bathroom fans, rangehood and driers.

A washable pre-filter in a pull-out tray in the lower part would be suitable for relatively unpolluted environments.

Alternatively the lower part can be extended as shown on the next page for more polluted environments and contain a relatively high pressure fan such as Sojol’s purpose built helical fan.

Air heater, purifier and ventilator

Air heater, purifier and ventilator

Sojol’s heat exchanger can also combine with an air purifer as shown here.

In this narrow heater, Sojol’s elongated helical fan can supply 300m3/hr at 100Pa and at low dB.